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About Human Harbours

Human Harbours is a culture and mindset growth consultancy

Helping businesses develop greater humanity at work by:

  • Engaging people in meaningful & regenerative conversations.
  • Growing a culture of conscious leadership.
  • Leveraging creativity as a performance enabler.

Our approach is anchored in four pillars:


Pause integrated in action:

Incorporate deep listening, pause and replenishment as a strategic way to release narrow thinking, vitalise your resources and renew ideas.


Wisdom in decision-making:

Align your views about who you are, what you do and how you do it to your core values and genuine aspirations.


Vibrant relationships:

Create heart-centred meaningful conversations that support your growth.


Greater quality & impact:

Expand your definition of value creation for a better future.

How we help


Employee Engagement

We offer tailor-made consulting and employee engagement workshops built on experience and proven methodologies. They aim to accompany your human development towards meaningful engagement and equip your teams with the mindset and the practical tools that will help them thrive as individuals and collectively.

Some examples of key areas we can support you with:

  • Work-Life integration & Stress Resilience
  • Effective & meaningful relationships within teams
  • Focus, prioritization & mental flow
  • Emotional intelligence & fluidity


We reshape the intangible & often messy experience of culture development into a practical & rewarding experience.

Some examples of key areas we can support you with:

  • Culture Alive: Helping employees connect to your company’s essence & values and translate them into meaningful and coherent action towards greater service to your customers & wider zone of influence.
  • Culture Upgrade: helping you identify and upgrade some key limiting beliefs which are blocking your development path and potentially hindering your performance.
  • Culture rituals: designing rituals for your team interactions that nourish and enliven your culture and help you create a bridge towards unseen possibilities.

Creative Performance

We foster serendipity and tap into the unseen potential of your collective intelligence to create new unseen solutions for the challenges at hand.
Dedicated to teams of different departments who are typically not working directly together, the Human Harbours Creative Performance program works like a mastermind; it aims at fostering a greater collaborative mindset, employee dependability and safety as well as boosting your employees creative performance by leveraging the group’s wisdom. It’s a fun and engaging way to create cohesion and drive results.

Mental Training Programs

Leveraging your unique culture & current challenges, Human Harbours designs and guides mental trainings programs to accompany your growth in the space of transformation. We typically use a combination of meditation, awareness building, applied pyschology and neuro-science backed methods to create lasting change inside out.

Our programs intend to help your leadership team and organisation grow:

  • different sets of intelligences than the ones usually at play in business (e.g. spatial, emotional, kinesthetic)
  • chosen human qualities that back your values
  • new beliefs which better support your future.

Executive Coaching

When it comes to high performance & human challenges, the golden nuggets of potentials and growth are often hidden, invisible and under the surface. Especially in these troubled and highly uncertain times, finding a coach who can be a safe harbour and help you grow into your best potential is a precious investment.

We are here for you. Drawing on a deep international business experience, sharp abilities to notice blockages/ pain-points and hold an unshakable space where you can dive into your highest potential, our executive coaching will bring you fresh & unique insights into your development potential as a leader and as a team. Contact us below for a discovery call.

Sahar Schwaninger, Founder

I have worked for 15 years in international management positions with well-known brands in the food & consumer industry. Throughout a successful career, I often asked myself: how could we do things differently so we may be more truthful to ourselves and create a better impact together?

That question and my personal need for greater meaning and authentic relationships in business took me on a decade-long, sometimes arduous and other times humbling self-transformation journey through which I became convinced of the need to bring our essential humanity back in the business culture by creating safe spaces of deeper connection, transformation and creative explorations.

Since 2010, I have studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, yoga, the neuroscience of stress and beliefs, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, human archetypes, creative visualisations, belief re-patterning, conscious leadership and more recently living systems thinking.

I have been working through the past 7 years in human development supporting the growth of individuals and groups through coaching & mentoring, meditations and workshops.

I hold an MBA from ESSEC business school and a Master’s degree in International business from Paris IX University Dauphine, France.

It is my privilege to support your development towards your highest potential as an individual, as a team and an organisation.

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